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Are you accredited?

While our program is not accredited itself, you can receive high school credit for classes taken with HSA! With the recent partnership between Homeschool Spanish Academy and North Atlantic Regional High School (NARHS), a third-party independent accreditation agency, you can now earn credit for high school classes taken with HSA everywhere throughout the United States.

The agreement to award credit between HSA and NARHS indicates that HSA is an established educational program and that the quality of our curricula is held accountable to an outside agency.

To earn NARHS credit for your HSA course, complete the NARHS course registration process by visiting their website. Upon receipt of payment, NARHS will send a formal request for grades to HSA. This transcript will then be certified by NARHS and mailed to the address of the requested institution of higher learning.

If you have any further questions please email us at info@homeschoolspanishacademy.com