The Homeschool Spanish Academy website is down what should I do?
If the Homeschool Spanish Academy website is down please refresh the link in you... more
Do you offer Group Classes for Schools?
HSA is now offering group classes for schools! Please go to https://www.spanish.... more
How did Homeschool Spanish Academy get started?
Homeschool Spanish Academy is the result of Ron Fortin following his entrepenuri... more
What motivated the founders to start this business?
The entrepenural spirit is the primary driver in the foundation of this business... more
Where is the business located?
Homeschool Spanish Academy has their office in Antigua, Guatemala where in one f... more
Do you plan on providing other languages in the future?
To date Homeschool Spanish Academy does one thing and does it well helping stude... more
Can I come and visit Homeschool Spanish Academy?
Yes, have had several families and students come down to Antigua, Guatemala. Our... more
How do I become a teacher for Homeschool Spanish Academy?
In general we are looking for teachers in the Antigua, Guatemala area that can c... more
My student has learning disabilities, is this something Homeschool Spanish Academy can accommodate?
Homeschool Spanish Academy turns out to be a great option for students who have ... more
How does your program work?
Homeschool Spanish Academy is an online Spanish institution that does one thing ... more
I'm having issues using my tablet computer or phone for class what should I do?
Sorry to hear that. If you're a self learner, a Google search is always the best... more
I've called the help line and left a message when will my issue be resolved?
We sincerely do appreciate you messaging us. Due to high call and messaging volu... more
How does your program compare to Rosetta Stone?
Great question! Rosetta Stone is great for learning things like vocabulary and i... more
Where can I find reviews about your product?
There are many places. I would suggest starting in Google and simply typing in t... more
How do I change my contact information?
Open any browser to http://Spanish.Academy Login with your username/email and p... more
I can't log into my account, what do I do?
Ensure you're on our homepage www.spanish.academy In the top right hand corner,... more
How fluent can my student or I become in a year of classes?
Great question! That depends on several factors, but generally we see folks taki... more
How does Homeschool Spanish Academy select teachers?
Homeschool Spanish Academy looks for several qualities when hiring teachers to t... more