I need to speak to someone about my report card
Please review our FAQ pages regarding report cards prior to contacting the Homes... more
How do I access my grades?

You can access your grades in real time via our website: http://Spanish.Academy

Login with your username and password and you should land on the dashboard.

From there, view the left hand navigation menu where it says, "Report Cards".

You should be able to access all of your report cards there and print them out as well.


What do I do if my grade is incorrect?

If you find that one of your grades is incorrect, send a message directly to your instructor for the fastest response time. You should be able to find her email on the website.

Additionally, feel free to email our admin office a message at info@homeschoolspanishacademy.com, detailing the incorrect grade and the reason you believe the grade to be incorrect. Someone from our admin staff will get that information back to the teacher and help resolve that issue. 

I have paired classes do both students get separate grades?
Yes, both students will receive independent grades. Your instructor(s) will grade each student separately for both quizzes & exams.
I want to know how my student is doing from the teachers perspective how do I do this?

Great question! There are a couple ways of doing this:

1) Email - You may email your instructor directly. Her personal email should appear under "Classes" in the website.

2) Parent Teacher Conference - Every fourth or fifth class session, you'll notice that we have "Parent Teacher Conference" listed on your syllabus. This is to let you know that you will have approximately 5 minutes to meet with your instructor so that they can give you first hand information as to how your student is doing.