Follow I need to speak to someone about my Homeschool Spanish Academy purchase
Homeschool Spanish Academy is pleased to provide our customers a limited money b... more
How Many Classes Should I Purchase?
The number of classes that a customer should purchase can vary greatly depending... more
What Should I Do If My Credit Card Expires While I Am Making Monthly Payments?
In this situation the Accounting Department at Homeschool Spanish Academy will n... more
How long are purchased classes good for?
Purchased class pacakges are valid as long as a class is taken from the package ... more
What is Homeschool Spanish Academy policy regarding their money back guarantee?
Homeschool Spanish Academy is proud of the quality of product offered and if a c... more
How do you select monthly payments when purchasing?
After the customer has added their desired package to the cart, the user will se... more
Payment Methods
Homeschool Spanish Academy accepts credit and debit card payments directly throu... more
When can someone start? Do you have any specific start or stop dates?
Students of Homeschool Spanish Academy can start immediately as soon as next day... more