What are the reasons I can get a class credit back to my account?
Homeschool Spanish Academy generally will credit a class back to your account wh... more
Can I take my students classes instead of my student?
Yes you can you will need to login under the parent username and on the menu bar... more
How Do I Schedule a Class?
In order to schedule a class, you must go to your "Classes" section of your prof... more
May I Schedule Classes on the Weekends?
HSA offers classes Monday through Friday with all of our qualified instructors. ... more
May I Schedule classes for consistent days and times?
If you prefer to have a consistent schedule having classes on the same days and ... more
May I Schedule Classes in Advance?
We recommend that students and parents schedule classes in advance as you will h... more
If I Need to Cancel a Class, Will I Lose it?
If you need to cancel a class there is no need to worry! As long as you either g... more
How Do I Reschedule a Class?
In order to reschedule a class you must go to your profile and cancel the class ... more
I am trying to book sessions with a specific teacher and they do not have any availability. What should I do?
In this situation it is always best to try another teacher or look further into ... more
May I reschedule my class for a different time in the same day?
Customers may reschedule a class in the same day, however it must be within two ... more
How Many Classes Should I Take Per Week?
The amount of classes you take per week is completely personal preference, howev... more
How do I know what my time zone is?
It depends on which state you're in. There are 5 time zones in mainland U.S. 1)... more