What is the minimum age to start Preschool Spanish classes?
We generally start students in our program as early as 5 years old, but we've even had 4 and half year old children take and succeed in the program.  Our program requires student to sit and work with a live teacher a minimum of 25 minutes at a time.
I'm looking for an example of this curriculum where do I go to find this?
We have examples of all of our curriculum for potential students on our website at: www.spanish.academy and you will scroll midway down to a button saying "Download Ebook (PDF)".
I need to change my student from Preschool Program to Elementary Program how do I do this?
In order to accomplish this curriculum change the user will need to email their teacher with the student name and what curriculum they want taught.
How Long is Each Class?
Preschool and Elementary Classes last for 25 minutes each. We find that this is the optimum amount of time for their age group as our teachers are able to engage students for the full 25 minutes while minimizing the chance of boredom or limited productivity that may occur with a longer class.
How Do I Schedule Classes?
HSA offers a first come first serve scheduling system, meaning that our system will allow you to take a look at all of our teacher availability and choose times that work for you and your kids schedules. We recommend scheduling out classes in advance to guarantee the time slots and teacher preferences that work for you!
Do I need to Buy a Book or Any Outside Curriculum?

All of our curriculum at HSA is provided via PDF and will be included in the Parent and Student profile to view at the convenience of the customer.  All prices are included within the cost of the customers purchased class package.



Are there classes for non-beginner Spanish Speakers within the Preschool and Elementary curriculum?
HSA caters their teaching style and educational materials provided to the individual student and his or her needs. If students have had experience in an immersion school, taken outside Spanish lessons, or have grown up with native speakers in their house, we will accommodate their learning experience to the specific level of Spanish, needs, and desires of the students and their families.