I want to speak to someone about my teacher
If you have a concern about your teacher please contact 713-280-4652 for immedia... more
Do you do background checks on your teachers?
Homeschool Spanish Academy performs background checks on all of our teachers bef... more
What credentials do your teachers have?
Our teachers come from a diverse background with different interests and life ex... more
Can my teacher provide a personal reference for my student?
Homeschool Spanish Academy teachers previously have provided several students a ... more
How do I contact my teacher directly?
Please contact HSA Customer Service, or ask your teacher in class what their wor... more
I would like to provide a bonus to my teacher, how can I do this?
If you would like to do this please contact info@homeschoolspanishacademy with t... more
How do I go about setting up a parent - teacher conference?
At any time parents can ask for 5-10 minutes during class to sit down with the t... more
Follow My teacher has not been available for classes for a long time what is going on?
Teachers are human too! It's possible that your teacher has had a major life eve... more
I've been rescheduled with a different teacher what is going on?
It's possible your teacher has moved their schedule around due to unforseen even... more