Are you accredited?
Yes, we are fully accredited by WASC, which is the Western Association of School... more
Can the High School course be tailored to focus on passing advanced placement exams?
Homeschool Spanish Academy has worked with many students in order to help them prepare for CLEP, AP, College Placement Exams.  Please inform your teacher that this is your student's end goal.
My child wants to enroll in a high school Spanish course through Homeschool Spanish Academy. How do credits work?
Great question! Our credit system is quite easy. In order to receive one high sc... more
How do I know the work that my son or daughter does will be applied to earning high school credit?
Your Homeschool Spanish Academy account includes a “Report Card” section, where ... more
Where on my student’s report card does it list the credit completed?
At the very top of the report card, you will see a section entitled “Summary Inf... more
How many credits are given per semester? How is a semester defined?
A semester is defined as 15 weeks. We recommend that high school students take 2... more
Will college admission offices accept your credits?
Because we are fully accredited by WASC, which is the Western Association of Sch... more
If I have any further questions, what should I do?
For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at Info@spanish.acad... more
How does my child get high school credit with your program?
Once a student completes, at least, a full semester of high school Spanish with ... more
How long does it take to get high school credit?

Great question! Our credit system is quite easy. In order to receive one high school credit, your student needs to complete one full level of our high school curriculum. Our high school curriculum is broken down into high school level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4, roughly representing each year of high school.

Additionally, each level is broken down into two sublevels. For example, level 1 is broken down into levels 1A and 1B, level 2 is broken down into levels 2A and 2B, etc. Each sublevel represents one semester, which is 15 weeks. In other words, level 1A is the first semester of high school level 1 and level 1B is the second semester of high school level 1. A full school year, or sublevels A and B, would therefore last 30 weeks.

Each sublevel (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc.) covers 14 lesson-topics.* Ideally, to stay on track, a high school student would complete the 14-lesson topics for each sublevel in one semester (15 weeks). This means the student would complete twenty-eight lessons in that particular level in 30 weeks, or one full school year.

What works best for most students is to register for two semester (15 weeks each) of 2 classes per week. We recommend that for each hour students spend in class, they spend an hour outside of class doing the homework and studying the material. This translates into 120 hours of work, which is the standard measure for completion of one high school credit.

Level #A (first semester) = 14 lesson-topics in 15 weeks

15 weeks of 2 classes/week = 30 hours in class

30 hours in class + 30 hours outside of class = 60 hours for one semester

60 hours for 1st semester + 60 hours for 2nd semester = 120 hrs in 1 yr

120 hours in 1 yr = 1 high school credit

*Please refer to a current high school syllabus for a breakdown of the 14 lesson-topics for each semester.

**The great thing about our curriculum is that the student can move at his or her own pace. This means that if a student needs more time to cover a particular lesson topic, the teacher can dedicate the next session to reviewing that concept. Alternatively, if the student is moving through the material quite fast, one can conceivably finish one year's amount of material for High School Foreign Language Credit. 

My student needs to complete Spanish I and Spanish II in a year is that possible?
In short Yes!  Your student will need to be prepared to take approximately 120 classes in the year to complete both levels of our course.
What is NARHS?
North Atlantic Regional High School (NARHS), incorporated in the State of Maine ... more
What are NARHS's prices to validate a High School Credit?
NARHS´s pricing is as follows: * Up to 1 credit: $150 * Up to 2 credits: ... more